About Me

My name is Christopher Schulte. I am a game designer at International Game Technology (IGT). After starting university as an architecture major following high school years of drawing and metalwork, the artistic potential of videogames excited me and I started studying computer science and mathematics. In three years I graduated in the class of 2014 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in computer science and minoring in mathematics.

After graduation I moved to Albany, NY to work as an associate software engineer on the resource management game Skylanders: Lost Islands™ at Vicarious Visions. During my time there I added new characters, villains, and structures and fixed UI and object placement bugs in the two year old C# code base in preparation for the Skylanders: Trap Team™  update. After my three month contract expired, I drove cross country to Seattle, drawn by an incredible live music scene and a mix of ocean, forest, and mountain scenery that supports my outdoor hobbies.

While in Seattle, I was a full stack software engineer at PurpleWall.com, an online interior design marketplace. As one half of the two person engineering team, I developed the now defunct site from inception to release. The site used a Ruby server under the Sinatra framework and was hosted on Heroku. The database was written in PostgreSQL. Front end work was done in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

In May of 2016 I moved to Reno, NV by beautiful Lake Tahoe to work as a game designer at International Game Technology (IGT). I work with artists, engineers, producers, testers, and other designers on a daily basis to design the innovative features and math models that power successful video slot machines. To ensure quality products I rapidly iterate over my mathematics and game flows in response to player feedback using Python and C++ powered simulations.